hi everyone just wanted to share this article from my CRS newsletter

thought you would enjoy it , CRS is Council of Residential Specialist. I have a CRS designation. You have to have extra training for this designation.

here is the article from the lastes issue oc October 2012 CRS  your home newsletter.

As more homeowners choose to live in their homes longer as they age, many of them are improving their space with universal design features to help them live more comfortably. Before making any improvements, the National Aging in Place Council outlines the most common universal design modifications.       Are the entryways accessible? Adding a ramp or constructing no-step entries can help those confined to a wheelchair or who have trouble climbing stairs. Open floor plans and wider hallways make everyone feel less cramped and allow people to move around easily. Wider doorways provide easier access to other parts of the home and enable people to move large items in and out of the house.       To improve safety in bathrooms, install grab bars and elevated toilets. Make sure there’s enough turnaround space for someone in a wheelchair, and consider lowering the bathroom sink and adding a roll-in shower with multiple showerheads. A non-slip floor and shower surface will help everyone stay on their feet. In the master bedroom, consider reconfiguring an existing walk-in closet or building a new one with storage at different heights.       In the kitchen, lower cooking surfaces and countertops built at varying heights will appeal to home cooks who have difficulty bending over or have height limitations. Wall ovens and microwaves should be mounted at reachable heights, and storage and shelf space should be abundant and accessible.       Well-placed skylights and ceiling lights will aid those with

poor vision and make the home more personable and safe.

Installing rocker switches and door lever

handles can aid people with poor hand

strength as well as those carrying

groceries into the house.       A universally-designed home

provides smart solutions for everyday

living that everyone can enjoy.



Hi, right now there are 3 homes available in Running Man; however, 4 will show up on a search. 105 Tuckahoe trace has a contract on it subject to a home inspection. The others are: 106 Aquia turn at 389900, 103 Corrotoman run t 460000 and 101 Choptank turn at 468900.

Corrotoman run is a short sale. Many of you know that a short sale is a house which when sold will not sell for enough to pay off the current mortgage, so they are “short” of funds. The bank has to approve any and all short sales. So when you have a short sale offer, the seller will sign it but the bank has finally say because all offers are written subject to bank approval therefore even though the seller signed the contract, since it is subject to bank approval, the bank could say no. All short sales are “subject to “.  You will not succeed in purchasing a short sale without it being subject to the bank approval.

What I’ve seen in the past is most banks will not pay all the closing cost. Some banks will pay up to about 3% . Some banks will not pay any closing costs. All banks will want to net a certain bottom line, and if your offer does not meet that with the terms you set forth in the offer, then they will reject your short sale.

 Typically they will tell the listing agent we need to clear X amount at closing. if your offer will clear that amount with the cost of sale added to it you should be good to go , if not, they you will have to increase your offer or the deal is “dead”.

The cost of sale is all the costs included to close the transaction .among this cost would be everything from title insurance, to required appraisal and termite moisture and closing costs.

Short sales typically take longer to close. The fastest short sale I’ve closed was a condo in 30 days. The bank however, was Bayport and being local made a lot of difference. Most loans are national banks or Fannie .Freddie Mac loans. Some are Va loans, and of course each of these government agencies also has to approve the short sale. I would suggest you plan on 3-6 months to close a short sale. There are exceptions such as if there was a previous contract sent to the bank and the bank point of contact,( often referred to as a negotiator , why I cannot say because they really will not negotiate in the true sense of the word, they typically process the file and check the numbers to ensure the bank clears their net.) still has the file opened and you can pick up where they left off with the previous offer.( sorry or the long run on sentence)

Short sales can be good opportunities to pick up good properties. You must count in any cosmetic repairs in your cost however, since these will not be negotiated in the offer.

I work with a team that does short sales and REOs’. REO’s are however, a different topic for another time.

If you have questions about short sales or other Running Man  or York County/Poquoson properties, give me a call or email me at teresacline@lizmoore.com

You can check out all the homes atwww.teresacline.com. Just follow the directions and see every listing in every neighborhood.

Until next time

Teresa Cline

Its that time again, time for another update . ( if you live in a different neighborhood and would like an update on your neighborhoo, just email me )

Address                       list price          sold price        sqft

104 Mobjack Loop     329900                                    2700

103 Chuckatuck Turn 389900                                    2652

111 Mobjack loop      399900                                    2450

212 Coinjock run        445000                                    2554

102 Aquia Turn          450000                                    2870

106 Matoaka Turn      479500                                    3054

104 Nandua Run         545000                                    3304   

305 Chaptico Run       549900 NC                              3200

300 Kanawah Run      569000                                    3427    

Sold  (New Construction  not in these numbers  )

114 Calumet Turn                  415000            3250

100 Anacostia Turn                400000            3115

200 Pamlico Run                    407500            2637

107 Accomack Turning          334900            2428

105 Matoaka Turn                  410000            2419

110 Nansemond Turn             450000            3451

100 Messongo Run                 575000            3363

Pending sales              Sold price posted after closing

202 Pamlico Run        353900                                    2911

Remember , new construction is not on this list. Also before you prepare to sell, remember price is a matter of condition and location. Buyers are looking for closing cost paid, as well as higher end amenities . Should you need names of contractors or people for granite or other home improvements be sure to check out the ads found in this newsletter. You may also email me , I have a list as well.  Thank you very much for your support. Should you like this list updated  or just have questions , just shoot me an email , call or text 757 713 2947


I had a question about the newsletter. The Running Man Newsletter is called the Smoke Signal. We publish 12 times a year.  You may advertise at a rate of $35.00 for a full page or $365.00 for 12 months. All ads must be sent to me by email to (teresacline@lizmoore.com) and a copy of the ad attached to your check, made payable to Running Man. Please send the check and copy to me at my work office:  Teresa Cline Liz Moore and Associates, 11801 Canon Blvd Newport News Va 23606.  You should have your copy to me No Later Than the 20th of any month.


5K for CHKD

It’s time for the annual 5K run /walk for Children s Hospital of the King’s Daughters

This is sponsored by Lytle law. Brian Lytle has a law group and title company and has held a very successful run for several years

The proceeds go to CHKD children’s hospital.

It is Saturday May 21 2011.Registration is at 8 am and the race starts at 9 am

Folk,s this is not just a run, this is an event.  Todate, they have raised over $50,000 .for the hospital. They are trying to raise just over $20K this year.

You will want to at least go and watch.there has been music, food, and things for the kids. 

  Lara Beck is the Race Director . You can email her at lgbeck@lytlelaw.com or give  her a call at 757 595 5655

Take the family, and enjoy the moring.


March 12, 2011

11:00 am to 5:00 pm


Tractor Supply

6499 Market Drive, Gloucester

Turn right off route 17 next to Hardees, keep straight, turn left onto second hard surface road, and you will see tractor supply on left


If you can not make the car wash there is a fund set up at:

Jeremy’s Cancer Fund

Chesapeake Bank, 6793 Geo.Washington Memorial Highway,

Gloucester, Va. 23061 

To All,

 This is Phyllis Whitley’s nephew, who is in need of Chemo treatments in Wake Forest North Carolina, beginning April 6, 2011. Their Family hasn’t the funds for all his needs. If God lays this on your heart to attend the car wash or just to make a small denotation, then bless you and thank you 

Phyllis has a daughter that lives in Running Man

Thanks for helping when  you can